A Grand Idea In Grand County.

Headwaters Center is Colorado’s first off-the-power-grid gathering place for celebration, recreation, and education. Multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, Headwaters Center offers Winter Park unique spaces to gather, grow, and grasp our greatest water issues.

Unions & Reunions.

Planning a special occasion for you and yours? Headwaters Center is the perfect match for weddings, family gatherings, and general celebrations.

Dialogue & Discovery.

With space for both large and smaller breakout groups, Headwaters Center is the ideal venue for corporate meetings and retreats as well as community events.

River Journey Speaker Series.

We keep the conversation flowing with enriching speaker events on river preservation and water conservation. View videos of past discussions and mark your calendar for upcoming events.

Concerts & Public Events.

We’re pleased to host a wide variety of events – from concerts to educational community gatherings to culinary adventures to yoga.

Higher Education.

Located on the top floor of Headwaters Center, the Higher Minds Loft offers a variety of courses to take your learning and goals to the next level.

Reviews of Events at Headwaters Center

  • Ronise Parks Avatar
    Ronise Parks
    8/08/2021 - Google

    First time, on a Saturday around 430pm for wedding. Gorgeous 😍 , beautiful 😍, there is indoor, outdoor space.... read more

    Catherine Schimming Avatar
    Catherine Schimming
    7/09/2021 - Google

    informative and accessible center to learn about the local watershed. beautiful setting with a low-impact hiking trail around a lake.... read more

    Eric Hansen Avatar
    Eric Hansen
    6/16/2021 - Google

    Great place for a wedding. Excellent space for a social event. The building is historically rich. The wedding we attended... read more

  • Alan Welty Avatar
    Alan Welty
    5/15/2021 - Google

    Very nice. Gonna host my daughters wedding

    Gavin Ehlert Avatar
    Gavin Ehlert
    5/12/2021 - Google

    Had my senior prom here incredibly fun, loved the interior; wooden barn-ish design, the beautiful view, the nice stream at... read more

    Kelli Norris (kreenorris) Avatar
    Kelli Norris (kreenorris)
    5/12/2021 - Google

    I'm a wedding planner and this place is great from my pov. 👌

Sustainability Focused.

Headwaters Center was designed with reclaimed materials from the past incorporating the energy of the future. An “off-the-power-grid” facility, the building derives the majority of its energy from the sun, which is stored in and used from batteries onsite. Committed to the conservation of all resources, Headwaters Center utilizes the cleanest alternative energy resources available today.

Get Your Feet Wet.

Interested in volunteer work? We’re always looking for a helping hand!