Immersed in a Mission

Headwaters River Journey is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness about the critical role the Colorado rivers and their headwaters play in our environment, economy, and Colorado lifestyle, as well the vital actions we must take to conserve and protect our most precious resource, water.

Water We Talking About?

The water we drink. The water we bathe in. The water we use to clean our clothes, wash our dishes, and water our lawns. Where does it come from? Are we using it wisely? Will there always be a reliable supply?

In Colorado, the water we use comes primarily from our rivers, including the Fraser River flowing right outside Headwaters River Journey. These rivers we rely on are greatly impacted by diversions, climate change, population growth, and the personal choices we make about water usage

More Than 30 Engaging Exhibits.

Using state-of-the-art interactive technology, Headwaters River Journey takes visitors on an informative, insightful, and introspective exploration of the wonders of nature, the importance of water, and our direct impact on them both.

We’re In This Together.

Education is the first step in water conservation and river preservation. Learn together on a field trip or group tour.

The Ripple Effect.

Headwaters River Journey is made possible by the concern and collaboration of a strong and growing community.

Get Back To Nature.

With our unique location along the Fraser River, you can end your visit to Headwaters River Journey with a hike or picnic along the Fraser River Trail.

Get Your Feet Wet.

Interested in volunteer work? We’re always looking for a helping hand!