Inside Look.

The Twins Wolff with Adventure Hydrology challenge you to explore and understand your world like never before. Join them as they dive into the importance of Colorado’s water, threats to our ecosystems, and solutions to face the challenges together.

Think Tank.

Time to reflect on and take action from your learnings! Guests think up new ideas and efforts they can make towards water conservation and river preservation.

There’s a saying: “A drop in the bucket adds up!” But can one person’s actions really make a difference? How?

  • “Turn the sink off when you brush those teeth!” 
  • “Only use what you need.”
  • “Use less water while washing your hands and stop the water while you are getting soap! – Anna – 9-year-old”

How big of a role does water play in Colorado’s lifestyle? YOUR lifestyle?

  • “It attracts tourism, drinking, food, living, fun stuff and yeah!”
  • “Water is very important to me because we need it to drink.”
  • “Rivers carve the canyons and mountains I love to play on!”

Look at what people are doing to help the Fraser and other Colorado rivers! What about YOU?

  • “Plant food, not lawns!”
  • “I don’t wash my car and take short showers.”
  • “I planted willows along Ranch Creek.”