A Stream of Consciousness.

Are we drinking melted snow? How many different species depend on the Fraser River? How does water get from one side of the Continental Divide to the other? What will happen to our rivers if we don’t make a conscious effort to conserve water? The 31 immersive exhibits at Headwaters River Journey answer these questions and more in engaging, illuminating, and entertaining ways. Prepare to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired as you journey through Colorado’s water history, into its future, and directly to the banks of the Fraser River flowing right outside.


Jump In.

Welcome to the beauty and wonder of the Fraser River. The journey begins here as we discover the history and importance of Colorado’s waters.

Absorb the Issues.

What are the threats to the rivers and to our own lifestyles? Here’s where we explore the issues we face now as well as the challenges ahead.

Make a Splash!

How can you personally help conserve water and make a difference for all? The final leg of the Headwaters River Journey has plenty of ideas and we’re anxious to hear yours.

Join The Cause.

From contributing money to donating time, there are many ways to support the Headwaters River Journey.