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TomTalks on Water Issues

In partner with One World One Water Center, we invite you to learn about the many facets of water from the industry experts themselves.

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Water Issues Lead to Drought, Fire Risk, and Weaker Streamflow

The Denver Post | May 2020

One of Colorado’s driest Aprils on record has led to diminished mountain streamflow and snow at 76% of the norm for this time of year and more than half of Colorado is facing drought.

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Climate Warming May Hit Colorado River Basin Farmers Hardest

The Denver Post | April 2020

Shrinking mountain snowpack limiting water for irrigation and other water infrastructure concerns could threaten the U.S. food supply.

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Rising Temperatures Taking A Worsening Toll on The Colorado River

AZCentral | February 2020

New research shows the Colorado River could lose about one-fourth of its flow by 2050 due to higher temperatures decreasing snowpack.

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To get you started on learning more about headwaters and how important it is to dive into the conversation surrounding river conservation, we’re happy to provide you with the 4 fact sheets below.

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In Colorado and around the country, dedicated organizations are working to conserve water, protect rivers and wildlife, and prepare for future water needs. Join them, to make a difference!

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