The Southwest’s Most Important River Is Drying Up

CNN | August 2021

The Colorado River irrigates farms, powers electric grids, and provides drinking water to 40 million people. But as its supply dwindles, a crisis looms.

Shrinking Reservoirs Trigger Deeper Water Cuts for Lower Colorado River 

Circle of Blue | August 2021

With Lake Mead and Lake Powell reaching record lows for water capacity, the federal government declared a Tier 1 water shortage. This primarily affects Arizona and Nevada.

Special Report: Climate Change is Sapping Colorado’s Water Supplies. Can its Hallmark Water Law Stave Off Crippling Shortages?

Water Education Colorado | December 2021

Everyone is feeling the impact of the years of drought and water shortages. People are now questioning if the Prior Appropriation Doctrine is still the best way to manage water distribution.

Drought-Stricken Las Vegas Proposes Grass Ban for New Homes

 The Associated Press | December 2021

Water use limitations are being proposed in many states. Nevada is looking towards a future where ornamental grass would no longer be used in Las Vegas.

As Winter Wildfires Burn, Will They Forever Alter Colorado’s Forests, Water?

Water Education Colorado | November 2021

The fires are more intense, causing the forests to take longer to recover. This is causing a shift in vegetation and water absorption, leading to many different issues.

Tribes Push for a Bigger Role in Managing the Shrinking Colorado River’s Water

NPR | December 2021

Native American tribes are demanding to be a part of the water discussion when it comes to the Colorado River, especially since they hold about 25% of the legal rights to the river.

‘Eyes in the Sky’ Help Police California Water Use

Circle of Blue | September 2021

Satellite imagery is being used to monitor water diversion and usage. This will also help settle water rights disputes.

The Drought In The Western U.S. Is Getting Bad. Climate Making it Worse

NPR | June 2021

Many of the current systems in place to handle water dispersion rely on previous years’ climate data. With increases in temperature and climate change, these systems need to quickly adapt to continue to meet the demand for water.

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