On its 100th birthday, the Colorado River Compact shows its age

High Country News | Nov 2022

The Colorado River Compact was designed to put an end to litigation between states and allow development on the Colorado River. However, there were flaws from the start with this historic document.

The Colorado River Compact is turning 100. These CSU resources will help you better understand water in the West

Colorado State University | October 2022

Check out these resources to get a full picture of the Colorado River Compact.

Colorado River Compact


Read the Colorado River Compact

Colorado River Compact

Water Education Foundation

Here is a brief history of the Colorado River Compact.

100 years after compact, Colorado River nearing crisis point

AP News | September 2022

Colorado River Compact: 100 Years Later

The Colorado Sun | 2022

Find different perspectives from the major players involved in the Colorado River Compact.

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