• Outdoor venue rental fee will be charged rain or shine

  • Pricing subject to change for events that take place on holidays

  • 30% discount on venue rental fees for any event during March, April, November

  • 50% discount on venue rental fees for 501-3(c) organizations

Security Deposit:

$750 refundable security deposit due at booking. Refunded in full pending any damage to the facility.

Taxes & Service Charges:

  • 7% local tax: venue rental fees
  • 11.2% local/state tax: damage fees, audiovisual equipment rental fees, alcohol sales, labor, other rental fees
  • 18% service charge: audiovisual equipment rentals, labor, alcohol sales

Food & Beverage:

Headwaters Center has a commissary kitchen available for rent but does not have a culinary team. User may choose any certified, insured, and full-service caterer to fulfill their culinary needs. Headwaters Center will provide all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, billed on a consumption basis.

Sound Equipment:

See further information about available sound equipment HERE.


Headwaters Center Rental Policy

What is Included with Rentals

The venue rental fee includes the cost of the venue and the set-up/tear-down of all tables, chairs and linens by Headwaters Center staff. Optional use of the Terrace is also included.

Use of Headwaters Center place settings (plates, glassware, flatware, etc.) can be arranged through a Headwaters Representative.

Feel free to contact a Headwaters Center Representative at if you have any questions.

Maximum Guest Counts

Maximum guest count in the Reception Hall is 276 for seminar seating. Banquet events have a maximum attendee limit of 220. Up to 450 guests can be seated theater style for concert or performance-related events. The outside Terrace can seat 40 people and provide standing room for 20-40 people. Desired seating configuration will determine how many guests can be accommodated at your specific event. Maximum seating capacity for the Outdoor Venue is 560. Your event must remain in the area/s of Headwaters Center that you have rented and cannot spill over to other areas.

Event Coordinator

Please note, for weddings and other complex events, we require you to hire and use a professional “day of” Coordinator that is not also a guest at the event. The Coordinator will assist with important items and execute the schedule of the event, including placement of all flowers, flower pinning, organization of a wedding party, decorations, cake placement and service, music, photographer, officiate, place cards, “reserved seating” signs, or event planning beyond what is specified in the Facility Use Contract. Headwaters Center does not provide these services.

Cleaning Policy

User is responsible for leaving Headwaters Center in the condition in which it was found by the end of the period for which the space is rented. Any cleaning beyond a light sweep that Headwaters Center staff needs to do will result in a cleaning fee (minimum $250).

Weather-Related Cancellations

Outdoor events are subject to weather conditions. No refunds will be provided for weatherrelated cancellations.

Outside wedding ceremonies or an event that has been scheduled can be moved inside if the Indoor Event Venue has been reserved. Weather calls must be made no less than three (3) hours prior to the start of the event.

Pricing and Hours

For general information on rates and the hours that the Reception Hall and Outdoor Event Venues are available, please contact a Headwaters Center Representative for all inquiries ( Pricing varies depending on date, day of the week, and time. Please note that all fees associated with audiovisual equipment rentals, alcohol sales and set-up services are subject to an 18% service charge.

Advance Reservation Policy

Once you have executed a Facility Use Contract, you’ll need to submit to Headwaters Center, along with the executed contract, a damage/security deposit of $750. In addition, the venue rental fee must be submitted. The date cannot be held until the Deposit and the venue fee are submitted. (Reservations for meetings can be made with less notice.) Please discuss additional payment-related terms with a Headwaters Center Representative.


Drop-offs or early arrivals will not be allowed into the facility before scheduled rental use time. Once the event begins, furniture arrangement is the user’s responsibility. Care must be taken not to damage the floor or walls when moving furniture. All guests must be out of the facility at the end of the paid time. No refunds will be given for early departures, and late departures will incur a minimum charge for half an hour of time.


For a list of preferred vendors, please click here. Headwaters Center does not represent that any vendor on the list will perform adequately for the user, and is not responsible for lack of quality or performance of a vendor. Headwaters Center is not obligated to approve a third-party vendor proposed by User.


Headwaters Center is approved as a Commissary Kitchen and does not carry a license for the kitchen. Caterers that operate the kitchen will be responsible for the preparation and safety of food. Those using the Headwaters Center kitchen must be licensed and certified by the State of Colorado to prepare and distribute food, and follow the required food handling processes and procedures specified by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.


For events of 250 guests or more, User agrees to carry Broad Form Commercial General Liability insurance on an Occurrence Form, naming Headwaters Center as an additional insured and containing a per occurrence limit of no less than $1,000,000 and an aggregate limit of no less than $1,000,000. Coverage should protect against bodily injury, broad form property damage and personal injury claims arising from the exposure of premisesoperations; products and completed operations including materials designed, furnished and/or modified in any way by subcontractor and independent subcontractors; contractual liability risk covering the indemnity obligations set forth in this agreement.

Such coverage will be carried continuously during the term of the Agreement with insurance companies acceptable to Headwaters Center in its sole and absolute discretion. Renter shall provide evidence that such insurance is in full force by furnishing Headwaters Center with a Certificate of Insurance.

Please note: If you need event insurance coverage, please visit the following link:


For larger events, or events required to do so at the discretion of Headwaters Center staff, security will be supplied by Headwaters Center management but paid for by User.

Assumption of Risk

User and each guest assume all risk associated with the use of the facility and event. Headwaters Center is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged property of User or invitees.


Event parking is available in our parking lot to the north of the Headwaters Center, which is accessible from Route 40.


User may provide decorations that are approved by a Headwaters Center Representative. All decorations must be confined to the rental area. They may not be taped, stapled, nailed, tacked, or otherwise attached in a manner that will penetrate or damage paint, floors, walls, wood, ceilings, or historical beams and posts. Twine or rope may be used to hang decorations. Use of candles, other fire-related utensils or fixtures is not permitted. Rice, glitter, and confetti are not permitted on property. Bubbles are permitted outdoors only.

General Information

  • User information is confidential and will not be shared with other users or contractors.
  • A walk-through of the event space can be scheduled six (6) weeks before the event during normal business hours, and time will be determined based on availability. A ceremony rehearsal may be scheduled the day before your event depending on available space.
  • User must supply names and phone numbers of all sub-contractors at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
  • We encourage the addition of a 15- or 30-minute buffer to actual start times so as to accommodate early arrivers.
  • Drones are not permitted on the Headwaters Center property.

Contact: Please email with your event-related questions. For non-event related questions, please call Headwaters Senior Manager at (970) 393-3220.

Physical Location:
730 Baker Drive Winter Park, CO 80482

Mailing Address:
Headwaters Center PO Box 443 Winter Park, CO 804821

Headwaters Center Alcohol Policy

  1. The sale and service of all alcoholic beverages is regulated by the Colorado State Liquor Commission. Headwaters Center is responsible for administration of these regulations on our property.
  2. At any event at which alcohol is served, notwithstanding the terms of the Facility Use Contract, the User (or if the User is an entity, the User’s representative or contact person named in the Facility Use Contract as the person responsible for the event) must be a responsible adult age 25 years or older. In addition, supervision of the event must be provided by an adult age 25 years or older and such person must ensure that no one under the age of 21 years is served or is in possession of alcohol.
  3. At any event at which alcohol is served, User may be required at Headwaters Center’s sole discretion to provide liability insurance coverage. These insurance requirements may be greater than those for an event at which alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Headwaters Center may decline or prohibit the service of alcohol or terminate the Contract for cause if evidence of proper insurance as required by Headwaters Center is not provided to Headwaters Center in a timely manner or if the insurance is not acceptable to Headwaters Center, in its sole discretion.
  4. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served prior to 8:00 a.m. and service of alcoholic beverages shall cease no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of the use period. The User and guests may consume alcohol for a maximum of six (6) hours. Violation of this regulation shall result in immediate termination of the Facility Use Contract and the event, and Headwaters Center will retain the security deposit and all fees paid.
  5. If alcohol will be served at an event, a certified and insured bartender supplied by Headwaters Center must be present while distributing any alcohol on the property. Only such bartender will be authorized to serve alcohol. Guests are not permitted to serve themselves alcohol. Headwaters Center cannot sell alcohol to a caterer, only to guests for consumption on site, and it will be sold by the drink.
  6. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on-site by the User or any of the User’s guests while attending an event on Headwaters Center property. Any alcohol brought on-site by event guests is subject to confiscation, and any person doing so may be asked to leave.
  7. For larger events, or events required to do so at the discretion of Headwaters Center staff, an off-duty police officer (estimated at $55 per hour, per officer) will be supplied by Headwaters Center staff but paid for by User and will be present when alcohol is distributed/consumed, either for the entire event or for the latter portion, depending on the judgment of Headwaters Center staff. 
  8. User shall be responsible for the actions of all event attendees (including abiding by liquor statutes), as well as any situations involving property damage caused, or incidents arising from persons under the influence of alcohol.
  9. Alcohol may not be consumed outside of the Headwaters Center property. It may only be consumed on Headwaters Center property if User is specifically authorized in writing by Headwaters Center. If authorized, it must be consumed in compliance with the applicable permit and law. In addition, alcohol may be consumed only in the space you have rented.
  10. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited outside of the Indoor Event Venue, Outdoor Event Venue and Terrace use space unless specifically authorized in writing by Headwaters Center. 
  11. Lewd conduct, guests wandering throughout the building, inadequate clean-up, significant spills, and violations of Headwaters Center rules, regulations, policies and procedures may result in loss of part or all of the security deposit, in addition to any other remedies Headwaters Center may have.
  12. At no time may alcohol be served to or in the possession of minors, and alcohol may not be served at events that are designed for persons under 21 years of age.
  13. No alcohol containers may be opened on site and no alcohol may be consumed prior to the designated starting time of the event or during set-up for or clean-up of the event.
  14. No containers of alcohol may be removed from the Headwaters Center property for any reason. All containers containing alcohol are the property of Headwaters Center and, by law, shall be left at the Headwaters Center property at the end of the event.

*Please note, all venue rentals are subject to local sales taxes of 7%. Set-up/tear-down, damage fees, audiovisual equipment rentals, alcohol sales, and other rentals such as dishes are subject to local and state sales taxes of 11.2% and an 18% service charge. Taxes are subject to change without notice.