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Whether you’re visiting Grand County to explore the beautiful mountainous region that we call home, or you’re specifically visiting to explore Headwaters River Journey, we are happy to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your visit.

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We have parking available to our visitors, conveniently located on both sides of the building itself. Use the Google Map on this page to help with getting you here. Once you’re close, there will be signs guiding you the rest of the way. Feel free to park anywhere in our lot and if you need further assistance don’t hesitate to click below and contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Headwaters Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that covers its operating expenses through fees and donations.

A. The venue rental fee includes the cost of the venue, as well as the set-up and tear-down of all tables, chairs, and linens needed for the event.

A. Room capacity depends on the type of event and set-up requirements.

  • Theater-style seating for concert or performance related events: up to 450 Guests
  • Banquet-style seating – Plated Dinner: 220 Guests
  • Banquet-style seating – Buffet Dinner: 210 Guests
  • Seminar-style seating: up to 276 Guests
  • Terrace: Seating for 40 guests. Additional standing room for up to 40 guests.

Use of the Terrace is included with any venue rental fee.

A. Yes. You may discuss this with your Headwaters Representative at the time of booking.

A. There is a stage available for use with the rental of the Outdoor Venue. Headwaters Center does not have a raised stage for use in the Reception Hall, but you may bring one if desired.

A. Headwaters Center allows the User to hire a licensed caterer. We do not offer catering services, but will provide a list of preferred vendors upon request.

Please Note: Caterers that operate the Headwaters Center Commissary Kitchen or serve food will be responsible for the preparation and safety of food, and must be licensed and certified by the State of Colorado to prepare and distribute food, and must follow the required food handling processes and procedures specified by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. They will be asked to provide a certificate of insurance in addition to a copy of their license. Headwaters assumes NO liability for the food served, nor does it assume liability for foodborne illnesses or contamination.

The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Deliveries and pickups must be coordinated with a Headwaters Center Representative.
  • All delivery vehicles must stay on paved roadways and sidewalks.
  • Headwaters Center is not responsible for any items left on the premises before or after the contracted rental hours.

A. User may provide decorations that are approved by a Headwaters Representative. All decorations must be confined to the rental area. They may not be taped, stapled, nailed, tacked or otherwise attached in a manner that will penetrate or damage paint, floors, walls, ceilings, or historical posts and beams. Twine or rope may be used to hang decorations. Use of candles, other fire-related utensils or fixtures, rice, glitter, and confetti are not permitted.

A. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building or on the Terrace.

A. Users are required to pick up all trash and leave rooms/Terrace/etc. in the condition they were in when they first arrived. Trash and/or unused items may not be left behind and must be taken to the dumpster/recycling or removed from the premises. Any cleaning left for Headwaters Center Staff, beyond a light sweep, will result in a fee.